Keeping the energy in the room

The sensor mounted for use in an MKID Exoplanet Camera. Credit: Ben Mazin It may seem like technology advances year after year, as if by magic. But behind every incremental improvement and breakthrough revolution is a team of scientists and engineers hard at work. UC Santa Barbara Professor Ben Mazin is developing precision optical sensors … Read more

DEWA files patent for new redox flow battery technology – pv magazine International

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) says its new redox flow battery offers better electrolyte distribution, which could translate to higher power densities and lower operating costs. lower manufacturing. June 20, 2022 Emiliano Bellini Image: Government of Dubai According to pv magazine international. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) Research and Development Center has … Read more

New CERN Hadron Collider experiment sparks July 5 Doomsday conspiracies – what’s really going on

DOOMSDAY conspiracy theories are abounding as the new July 5 CERN Large Hadron Collider experiment is set to create unprecedented levels of energy. The European Organization for Nuclear Research is celebrating its tenth anniversary by restarting its Large Hadron Collider after it was shut down three years ago. 1 Conspiracy theories are abounding as CERN’s … Read more

a health prevention solution in retirement homes

It is however obvious that a modernization of the organizations and the care of dependent elderly people is essential. From a quantitative logic of care to the personalization of relationships Today, connected health offers concrete solutions that make it possible to individualize the medical follow-up of each elderly person. Faced with the recurring problems of … Read more

Does Apple want to empty its stocks of Apple TV?

Apple has just launched a very unusual offer in the United States: for any Apple TV HD or 4K purchased by July 14, the customer will receive an Apple gift card worth $50. It’s not just App Store credit, but a valid Apple Gift Card that can be used to purchase hardware. Offers of this … Read more