20 euro vouchers offered to families of victims?

According to the lawyer for around twenty families of victims of Buitoni pizzas contaminated with E.coli bacteria, the brand tried to contact them to offer them a voucher.

Dozens of families accuse Buitoni of making their children sick with frozen pizza contaminated with E.coli bacteria. According to the lawyer for some of them, the brand of the Nestlé group came into contact with certain parents to offer them vouchers as “compensation” for the “inconvenience” suffered.

“I have had feedback from families that I defend, I know that it has been done over the last three to four days. It is a joke”, regrets master Richard Legrand to The voice of the North.

The mother of a baby girl who fell ill after eating Buitoni frozen pizza tells The voice of the North having been contacted by consumer services who asked her very specific questions about what had happened to her daughter. A few days later, she received a voucher in the mail.

Master Richard Legrand “doubts the real intentions of Buitoni” who could try to obtain confidential information by contacting the families of victims. However, “at this stage of the investigation, Buitoni does not have to have access to confidential information, subject to medical secrecy”, affirms the lawyer. Contacted by BFM Business, Buitoni has not yet answered our questions.

An investigation opened on March 22

Since the end of February, France has experienced an upsurge in cases of kidney failure in children linked to E. coli contamination. Santé Publique France has identified 53 cases of haemolytic uraemic syndrome, including only one adult, and two deaths. Several are linked to the consumption of Fraîch’Up de Buitoni pizzas.

All were produced in a factory in Caudry in Hauts-de-France. Initially, production was banned by the prefecture following two hygiene inspections which brought to light serious shortcomings. The factory was also raided by the gendarmerie on 13 April.

An investigation was opened on March 22 by the Paris prosecutor’s office for “manslaughter”, “deception” and “endangering others”. It is led by the public health unit (PSP).

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