2021 pizza market outlook and 2021 retrospective

Pizza, a safe bet in France? This is the opinion of Bernard Boutboul, President of GIRA. What are the strengths of the sector and the new players? The expert tells us everything while the Franchise Observatory highlights the latest interviews with franchisors present in this market.

A product that can be shared as the current trend wants, a product that has managed to achieve a good range, a product that is part of the top 3 for delivery and takeaway sales, a dough-based product that the French love… Pizza has everything to please. The French consume 1.100 billion per year, as many as Americans, and half of that pizza is consumed in commercial catering. In total, the sales generated by pizza consumption in France amounted to 4.3 billion euros in 2019, up 7.4% compared to 2017.

Below video of Bernard Boutboul, President of GIRA:

The latest interviews with franchisors and franchisees

  • Aurélien Bal, Basilic&Co franchisee in Villeurbanne

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