3 questions to… Caroline Maya, world pizza champion

Episode 18. Lyonnaise Caroline Maya won the 29th edition of the “Pizza a Due” world championships in Parma, Italy on April 7, 2022, in a duet with Alain-Patrick Fauconnet.

Caroline Maya is the chef of the “Pizzas du Puits-Vieux” in Saint-Priest, near Lyon. On April 7, she became, alongside Alain Patrick Fauconnet, world pizza champion. She becomes the first French crowned in this world championship.

Radio SCOOP: an incredible coronation for a pizzaïola from the region, can you present your establishment?

Caroline Maya: “Les Pizzas du Puits-Vieux is a family pizzeria that my grandmother created in 1987, the year of my birth. It’s a beautiful family story, there was my grandmother, my grandfather, my uncle, my dad… Today I am here and I continue to carry on the tradition”.

Radio SCOOP: so you were crowned world champion, what are the secrets to achieving this title?

Caroline Maya: “In the criteria, you had to have a nice cooking and a nice balance of flavors. There was also a criterion of innovation. The aesthetics are not supposed to be noted, but if they are pretty, it is better. The pizza cannot be found on our menu since it was gourmet, but we use the exact same dough in our pizzeria.

On our pizza there was a bisque of sea urchin and lobster, scallops burnt with a blowtorch, prawns marinated in citrus fruits, tuiles in dry ink, small ricotta flowers, seawater foam, dried caviar. All that, it was a beautiful harmony, a beautiful balance of flavor, and we won thanks to this pizza “C’era una volta” which means “Once upon a time” in Italian”.

Radio SCOOP: Do you have any plans for the future?

Caroline Maya: “I started competing in 2018 and it’s true that I love winning, I love challenges, setting myself goals. I started with France and my dream was to get on this world march. Frankly, it’s magic, I still can not realize!

But I have no other objective, I stop the competition. I realized what I wanted to do. It was months and months of hard work. I have lots of other plans, but I still haven’t landed since I got back, so it’s still confusing, I’m giving myself some time.”


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