5 technological things about tea production! (DRONES!)

You love tea and drink it daily ? It’s normal, this drink is the most popular in the world : after water, it is even the most consumed on the whole planet. Black tea, green tea, white tea, red tea… different teas are highly valued by consumers. But before reaching your cup, they must follow a path from picking to bagging, drying, oxidation and transport. For all these steps, technology is at the rendezvous!

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about the technology behind tea production.

The stages of tea making

Before seeing what technologies can be used to grow tea, it is important to know the manufacturing processes of the different teas. Thus, for each type of tea, once the tea leaf has been harvested, it is withered, that is to say it is softened in order to dry it out. Then it varies depending on the types of tea. Firstly there is a rolling step to determine the final shape of the picked leaves. Then, the black tea will be obtained from an oxidation of the leaf while the green tea will undergo a stage of fixation precisely to prevent this oxidation. Finally, a drying operation is carried out in order to reduce the moisture content of the sheet (generally from 90% to 3%): when the drying is complete, tea can be powdered and packaged.

Heat the water, then infuse: that’s it, your favorite tea is ready!

Green tea production

Rolling machines to go faster

For a long time therolling step was done by hand and few productions still roll the tea by hand. To extract essential oils from tea leaves, there is now a machine that acts like a large tapon by performing circular rotations above the leaves. The machine allows the extraction of cells, thus releasing the enzymes which will act to allow the future oxidation of the leaves.

Drones to transport from the tree to the drying place

Since 2018, itsome plantations in China use drones to transport crops. The time saved is significant: it only takes a few minutes for the machine, whereas before it took more than an hour to transport the pickers. This time saving makes it possible to increase the productivity of tea farms, often located in areas with rugged terrain, which do not facilitate the transport of harvests.

Powdered tea

Powdered tea

Filling boxes requires an industrial process

Most of the boxes you find on the market have been manufactured and filled using industrial processes. The large productions have their own on-site solutions and the smaller ones outsource this activity to specialized sites which allow them to benefit from their machines to pack their harvests once the manufacturing process has been completed.

5G, a boost to help the tea making process

5G will have a considerable impact on usage and consumption. In agriculture, thIt is eagerly awaited for its ability to boost yields through the introduction of smart sensors that will save producers time.. Large tea productions will not escape this trend and will be able to benefit from the best technologies to support the growth of tea plants as well as the harvesting of tea leaves.

And you, you are interested in knowing the use made of technologies in our everyday products.

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