A few days after his birth, Amel Bent’s baby admitted to intensive care

It is a real disaster that has struck the family of Amel Bent. While the singer gave birth less than a month ago, her infant had to be rushed to hospital! The Objeko editorial team gives you all the details in this article.

Amel Bent: a third child who fills her with happiness

And it’s a third child for Amel Bent! Usually, she is rather reserved about her private life, preferring to highlight her musical career on social networks. But her baby bump was getting way too big to hide! So, even if it means being pregnant, Amel Bent has decided to formalize the news in the most beautiful way. She adorned herself with a very sensual tight-fitting outfit and posed, holding her stomach. His fans were going crazy!

We were then able to see her throughout the season of The Voice displayed with her belly which swells from show to show. This new baby was impatiently awaited for the month of March. And he kept waiting! Indeed, her newborn did not arrive until April 7. Parents are obviously overjoyed. Amel Bent shared the good news on social networks: “Thank you for all your messages of love and kindness throughout this pregnancy that I have shared with you. Now, a little rest and lots of hugs before we meet again”.

We can only wish them a lot of happiness, and we are sure that the two big sisters are also delighted to discover… their little brother! Because yes, it is indeed a little boy! However, his first name is kept secret for the moment… Of course, Objeko will keep you informed about the first name of Amel Bent’s son as soon as possible!

The infant falls seriously ill…

Unfortunately, the birth of Amel Bent’s third child was a short-lived happiness. While the singer and juror of The Voice was planning to rest a little and enjoy her newborn, this one gave her a big fright… Just two weeks after birth, the baby fell seriously ill.

Our colleagues from Closer magazine report the information. The son of Amel Bent was thus hospitalized in emergency at the Rives de Seine hospital center in Neuilly-sur-Seine on Thursday April 20. The infant was admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit. It would appear that he suffered from respiratory failure and acute bronchiolitis. It is a contagious viral infection, which mainly affects infants.

Amel Bent spent the five days and five nights with her infant. Fortunately, after five days of hospitalization, the baby is out of trouble. The singer and her husband, Patrick Antonelli, were finally able to return home this Tuesday, April 26 at the start of the afternoon. They can now enjoy their family life together, without stress!

Amel Bent: nothing can stop it!

Amel Bent will thus take a step back from his career in the coming months. She has to enjoy her baby! Especially since her career continues to reach new heights, and she may be very busy when she returns to the front of the stage. Indeed, for almost 20 years, the 36-year-old singer has been one of the biggest stars of French R’n’B! His career began in 2004 in season 2 of In Search of the New Star.

Very young and a little shy, she nevertheless dazzled the jury and the viewers with her extraordinary vocal performances. However, this does not allow him to win the trophy. She finished third in the competition.

However, Amel Bent is doing quite well! The singer is spotted by Diam’s, the rapper who is then at the peak of her career. She takes her under her wing and writes her the national hit My Philosophy. This is the start of a huge career. After My Philosophy, Amel Bent manages to renew his success, tube after tube, without ever running out of steam. She recorded a total of 7 albums. The latest, Vivante, released on October 1, is a huge success.

She was also recently one of the three singers on the album Sorøre with Camélia Jordana and Vitaa. Again, the success is total. Of course, her fans are happy to find her as a member of the jury of The Voice and The Voice Kids, where she gives new talents a chance, just as she herself had her chance two decades ago. !

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