A pizza dough without yeast, we take up the challenge!

Tired of waiting for your pizza dough to rise? A group of researchers from the University of Naples Federico II may have the solution.

If the pizza dough recipe is fast enough, the rising takes much longer. A research team in Naples may have found the solution to avoid this. We explain what it consists of and why it could help many people.

Bubbles to raise the pizza

Usually, to leaven pizza dough, baker’s yeast is used. This creates a fermentation process that releases CO2. The carbon dioxide trapped in the dough puffs up and causes the pizza dough to rise. That is the ordinary method.

But researchers from the University of Naples Federico II managed to leaven a pizza without the use of yeast. To achieve this, they prepared a classic pizza dough by mixing water, flour and salt. Then they placed it in an autoclave, a device that is used to increase the pressure and the temperature in an intense way. The idea? Dissolve the gas in the paste thanks to this high pressure and create bubbles. It is thanks to these CO2 bubbles that an airy and crispy dough is created.

A method that would delight more than one

If for the moment the researchers have only tested the experiment on small pieces of dough, it should lead to larger tests. The team is already planning to try it on regular sized pizzas. If the technique proves conclusive again, it could interest more than one: pizza makers would no longer have to wait for their dough to rise and gluten intolerant people could give free rein to their pizza cravings without fearing the consequences. . A highly anticipated result, therefore, particularly by one of the authors, Ernesto Di Maio, himself allergic to yeast.

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