“After Steve”, Jony Ive dragged his sentence at Apple

While After Stevethe book on the complex relationship between Jony Ive and Tim Cook comes out tomorrow, its author has just published in the New York Times a long article called “ How technocrats triumphed at Apple “. This builds on the full book, and provides some new details about why Ive left and his final years with the company.

Tim Cook and Jony Ive in September 2018. Image: Apple

We learn that the presentation of the first Apple Watch was the subject of a conflict between the two men. On the one hand, Tim Cook wanted a rather formal presentation focusing on the technical capabilities of the watch. On the other, Jony Ive bet on a more daring presentation, because the designer wanted to impose the Apple Watch as a fashion accessory and not simply as a new technological gadget.

Tim Cook: l

Tim Cook: the spirit of Steve Jobs in the Apple Watch


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