Alec Baldwin’s fatal shooting: shocking images revealed by the police

Photos and videos relating to the investigation into the fatal shooting that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on October 21, 2021, on the set of the film Rust, have been released by the police.

While the investigation is still ongoing, the police in Santa Fe (New Mexico), on Monday, April 25, released these documents which send shivers down your spine. Among them is a video that shows the arrival of first aid at the scene of the crime.

We can also see the actor Alec Baldwin getting closer to the officers by presenting himself as the one who “had the weapon during the scene”. A policeman then tells him that he is going to be questioned. An agent photographs the actor in the cowboy costume he was wearing at the time of the tragedy. “Are you okay?” asks a policeman. “No, it’s not okay,” replies the star, obviously in shock.

Police also released video of the actor’s interrogation, during which he said he did not know the gun was loaded with live ammunition. “It was supposed to be empty! But I repeated with a gun with a bullet inside, (…) I’m speechless. I need to know how this could have happened! Where does this bullet come from?” he asks. “All the balls, from what I have been told and you have to verify this because it is important, were dummy balls. The weapon should have been cold, with no live ammunition inside,” he explains. “I take out the gun, I raise it and then ‘Bang!’ She falls to the ground. She is collapsing, ”he continues about Halyna Hutchins. “He collapses, screaming,” he adds, referring to Joe Souza. The bullet probably first hit Halyna Hutchins before seriously injuring the latter in the shoulder.

The police also questioned the director from his hospital room. “There was a really loud ‘bang’, and I felt like someone was tapping me on the shoulder and I was down. And I saw Halyna Hutchins with blood running down her back,” he told them.

Another video, from the camera of an agent dispatched to the scene, concerns Hannah Gutierrez, the young woman who was in charge of the weapons on the set and whose responsibility was quickly questioned: “Welcome to the worst day of my life”, declares the one who handed the weapon to Alec Baldwin.

Shadow areas

Pending several expert reports, no legal proceedings have yet been initiated. For the time being, only the production has been condemned by the State of New Mexico to pay a fine for its “total inability” to anticipate the “obvious” dangers of the filming.

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The criminal investigation, unrelated to this decision, is therefore still ongoing, and if the police have not yet initiated criminal proceedings, they do not rule out doing so, including against Alec Baldwin. Halyna Hutchins’ family has filed suit against him as well as the film’s producers, and other civil suits have been filed.

“I have a feeling that someone is responsible for what happened, and I don’t know who it is. But it’s not me,” the actor said last December.

“Several elements of the investigation remain outstanding, including the FBI’s analysis of the weapons and bullets and the DNA analysis from the fingerprints, the medical examiner’s conclusions as well as the information extracted from Mr. Alec Baldwin’s phone. by the sheriff of Suffolk County (where he was seized editor’s note)”, underlines the sheriff Adan Mendoza in a press release.

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