Alessandra Sublet justifies her choice to stop her hosting career at the end of the season: “I didn’t want to stop because I was fed up” – VIDEO

Last night, Alessandra Sublet was the guest of “C à vous” on France 5 on the occasion of the broadcast of the TV movie “Handigang” on Monday on TF1. On the set, she spoke about her decision to stop her hosting career at the end of the season to devote herself to a career as an actress. “I was told ‘it’s not going well with your head’. Everything is fine from the moment you follow your desires… Anyway, it’s not the way of others, it’s yours,” she explained.

And to add: “I’ve been doing this job for twenty years with so much pleasure that I don’t want to stop because I’m fed up. Above all, it’s a job that we do by passion and I don’t want to keep it just for comfort. It’s important to do your job with the heart”.

“We distill good humor. There is no case where I arrive one day sulking. And so I don’t want that day to come. I think it’s the right one moment. I did a lot of pretty things”, concluded Alessandra Sublet in this extract that invites you to (re)discover (see video above).

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