Antoine Guyot (CEO Jimmy): “We are contributing to the decarbonization of industry thanks to a new application of nuclear fission”

REVOLUTIONARY | Jimmy started from a principle: to massively decarbonize the industry. A successful bet for Antoine Guyot and Mathilde Grivet, these two young engineers. Interview.

What is Jimmy’s Principle?

Antoine Guyot: Jimmy is a carbon-free industrial heat supplier. To produce heat, manufacturers are stuck: they have no other economic choice than to turn to fossil fuels such as gas for their processes. At Jimmy’s, we design thermal generators based on nuclear fission that do not emit CO2 to replace fossil burners. These generators are installed on existing industrial sites and use intrinsically safe mini-reactor technology, which runs on uranium. In this way, we want to offer manufacturers carbon-free heat that is cheaper than fossil fuels. Our ambition is to rely on French industrial know-how to massively decarbonize the industry.

To do this, we seek to standardize as much as possible in order to adapt to as many sites as possible. From our first model, this allows us to imagine reaching more than 500 industrial sites in France alone. And of course we plan to offer the solution in Europe, then in the world.

Antoine Guyot: Manufacturers are running out of resources to meet their “Net Zero” decarbonization targets in 2030 or 2050

How did this idea come about?

The industrial sector is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, both nationally and worldwide. Its high-temperature heat consumption, in particular, is particularly polluting because it mainly comes from fossil fuels. In addition to this, manufacturers are feeling increasingly strong ecological pressure from the State and their customers.

Faced with the imperative to decarbonize their heat, manufacturers are running out of resources to meet their “Net Zero” decarbonization objectives in 2030 or 2050. It is on the basis of this observation that Mathilde Grivet and I imagined Jimmy . We want to contribute to the decarbonization of industry through a new application of nuclear fission – the supply of heat and not electricity – with a sizing that makes it cheaper than gas. In order to be able to provide such an offer, we have selected an already known and intrinsically safe reactor technology.

Antoine Guyot and Mathilde Grivet, the two co-founders of Jimmy

What are Jimmy’s short term goals?

In the short term, our goal is to turn on our first generator at the beginning of 2026. For this we parallelize the 4 main tasks: we continue to grow our team of brilliant engineers, we prepare the site of our first customer and start the visits of the next, we are initiating the first regulatory phases with the Nuclear Safety Authority and we are preparing production, in particular by relying on the France 2030 program.

What is your business model?

We are an energy supplier, meaning that our income comes from the sale of heat to our customers: a bit like EDF, which bills its customers on consumption. In terms of positioning, Jimmy is a designer-operator: we design the system in-house, and we rely on our industrial partners to manufacture and commission it. Then, we use remote operation of the system installed at the manufacturer’s, while again relying on subcontractors for “physical” maintenance operations.

Antoine Guyot: It was the desire to innovate that led me to entrepreneurship

Why did you choose to become an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur wasn’t really a conscious choice I made. We don’t wake up saying “I’m going to be an entrepreneur”. Especially since it is not necessarily a profession that we clearly conceive or that we are presented with in school. Simply, when you see a solution to a problem, you have to put it in place and if you don’t, nobody will, entrepreneurship is the way to do it. Ultimately it was the desire to innovate that led me to entrepreneurship

Do you want to convey a particular message?

As it is a subject that we rarely see during our studies, few people really know how fission works, whereas it is a phenomenon that we have mastered long before the transistor, the walkman, the microwave, the color television,…. Suddenly we find ourselves in the same situation as when electricity arrived in our homes: a large part of the population is suspicious of this little-known technology. At the time, there were anti-electricity organizations like that because the danger of electrocution fueled all fantasies. We therefore strongly recommend going to see the It’s Not Sorcerer who explain the basics really well and to send us messages on [email protected] if you have questions!

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