Apple AirTags can now be heard more

Apple is updating its AirTags and making them louder, to combat their use to spy on others.

Apple announced last February that it would introduce a number of changes to make its Air Tag easier to locate. This followed several miscellaneous events with malicious people using Apple brand trackers to spy on so and so. Among the changes announced, the Cupertino company promised to adjust the sound of the AirTags so that it is as loud as possible and thus make them “easier to find”. Today, as MacRumors reports, the tech giant has rolled out this feature in the latest update.

Apple updates its AirTags

Although Apple has released the release notes detailing, in some detail, what said update adds to the tracker, there was no mention that the company would roll out the feature gradually. According to the blog, only 1% of users received the update when it was officially released on Tuesday. According to Apple, it will be offered to 10% of users by Tuesday, May 3 and 25% of them by May 9. The Cupertino company has planned 100% deployment on May 13.

and make them louder

A few weeks ago, Motherboard got its hands on police reports of more than 50 cases of women receiving notifications or hearing audible alerts that someone was following them with an AirTag. Although this figure is not particularly high, it suggests that these kinds of situations are on the increase and that trackers are indeed used for spying. In an attempt to prevent this kind of behavior, Apple had promised to implement several dedicated features, including displaying a warning that it was illegal to use the accessory to spy on people. The company will also update the precise location technology of its recent iPhones so that they can display the direction and distance separating them from an unknown AirTag.

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