Apple also allows self-repair of the iPhone

The apple brand aligns itself with the initiatives of Google and Samsung and launches its own self-repair program.

At the beginning of April, Samsung announced that it had partnered with iFixit to offer owners of a Galaxy S20 or S21 the possibility of repairing their smartphone themselves using a kit. Google followed the trend and also teamed up with iFixit for its Pixels.

It is now Apple’s turn to launch its “Self Service Repair” program, which will initially concern the iPhone 12 and 13, as well as the SE 3 launched last March. Later, it should be extended to Mac computers running under an M1 chip. If it had been mentioned at the end of 2021, this program now comes into effect across the Atlantic. As usual, the Cupertino company manages this project from start to finish. It has thus put manuals online for users to guide them step-by-step in the repair of their smartphone. The group is also starting to sell spare parts, as iFixit reports.

Users will then be able to change the battery, the screen, the camera, the lower speaker, the Taptic Engine, as well as the SIM tray. Apple has always shown caution in the manipulation that can be made of its devices and continues its fight against the use of stolen devices, changing a part may not be as simple as it seems.

A program unfavorable to the circular economy according to iFixit

Excluded from this initiative, iFixit specifies that it is indeed necessary to have the IMEI or the serial number of the iPhone to repair an element. Each spare part can only be introduced into the smartphone for which the request was made.

In this way, apart from authorized centers and the Apple Stores themselves, reconditioning and refurbishing can become complicated.

A response to new legislation

If for the moment this program is limited to the United States, it should arrive soon on the Old Continent, on a date not yet specified by the manufacturer. Europe is asking smartphone manufacturers to move towards greater repairability of their products, so that their lifespan is extended with a view to protecting the environment. Apple promises seven years of availability for its spare parts.

Although it is a laudable project, it will be necessary to see if users will dare to adopt this new practice of self-repair, with the cost and the risks involved, this operation being particularly meticulous to carry out.

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