Apple announces the end of MacOS Server

Here is some news that does not make us any younger. Just over 23 years after its launch, on March 16, 1999, Apple announced the end of support for its server-specific system. The latest version of MacOS Server is therefore 5.12.2.

baptized Mac OS X Serverthen OS X Server after the release of the user version of Mac OS X (to avoid confusing the two), this system software has become macOS Server as early as 2016. It was used by administrators to manage – among other things – Mac and Windows networks, email, Internet services, website hosting, file and printer sharing/ scanners.

Over time, these features were directly integrated by Apple into macOS. As soon as Mac OS X 10.7 Lion was released, the Server version became an app that could be installed on a classic MacOS. Thus, File Server, Caching, and Time Machine were included in MacOS High Sierra. Support for Apple’s Cluster File Storage System was later included in macOS Big Sur.

The only feature administrators will need to replace before shutting down their MacOS Server is Profile Manager which provides mobile device management (MDM). The apple brand offers a document here to help choose an alternative solution.

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