Apple does not renew Genius positions in US Apple Stores

Is the Bar being emptied little by little? According to Bloomberg, Apple has curbed Genius hiring at several US Apple Stores. There are no dismissals or total recruitment freezes, but positions that were to be filled after departures have not been renewed, which is unusual.

Genius Bar in an American Apple Store. Image Christopher Bowns (CC BY)

At least five technician positions have been left vacant in several American stores. According to Mark Gurman’s sources, these non-renewals are explained by a desire to reduce staff in blinds where the crowds are no longer the same as before the Covid-19 pandemic.

These fewer Genius roles, in fact, could also be explained by a more global change in approach to technical support. As French Apple Store employees told us in our survey last year, technicians are seeing their technical responsibilities diminish. “Genius work is being devalued by not having them do Mac repairs anymore. The objective is to move towards a systematic sending to the depot »confided to us one of them, the depot designating major repair centers, the one for Europe being located in the Czech Republic.

“The work of Geniuses is changing: fewer repairs, more customer management”, summed up another. In this context, the lack of renewal of certain technical positions is not surprising. To this must be added the forthcoming availability of iPhone and Mac repair kits directly from customers, even if the effect of this measure is still unknown on attendance at the Genius Bar.


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