Apple expands Messaging Communication Security feature

Last summer, Apple unveiled a set of measures to protect children. Although initially only available in the United States, the giant is now expanding the security feature in message communication.

This feature detects and blocks explicit images received in conversations from children under 13.

The news was brought to light by The Guardian which reported that Apple would be extending its message communication security feature to the UK. In addition to that, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia will also get the feature.

Apple Message Communication Security was introduced in the iOS 15.2 update in December. However, it was limited to the United States of America. Until now.

Apple’s feature is designed to analyze images sent and received through Messages on devices under 13 years old. The goal is to detect nudity and warn users that such content may be harmful.

For one, if nudity is detected in a photo received by a child, the Message Communication Safety feature will blur the image and the child will have the option of being directed to a child safety group. On the other hand, if nudity is detected on a photo sent, a warning will be displayed in order to encourage the child not to send it.

This feature, which is now expanding to countries outside of the United States, must be enabled by parents and is limited to underage users. Eventually, Apple should extend it to other countries.

It should be noted that this feature is not related to the anti-CSAM feature that Apple has developed and may release in the future. has produced a comprehensive guide to messaging communications security. See here:

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