Apple files lawsuit against Rivos, a startup with former employees accused of stealing intellectual property

Apple has filed a complaint against Rivos, a very discreet start-up, which has many former employees of the Cupertino manufacturer in its ranks. Rivos aims to develop technologies for systems-on-chip (SoC), and Apple fears that the young shoot will use its intellectual property and its innovations to grill stages.

According to the complaint flushed out by Reuters, the start-up based in Mountain View (California) hired about forty former Apple employees last year. At least two of them, Bhasi Kaithamana and Ricky Wen, reportedly took gigabytes of confidential information from their ex-employer with them.

Other former Apple employees would also have left with confidential documents, a misdeed that they would have tried to hide by erasing the devices provided by the manufacturer. Apple explains that it has invested billions of dollars over the past ten years in the R&D of its SoCs. The manufacturer believes that Rivos targeted engineers who had access to the technological secrets behind its chips.

The story is reminiscent of that of Nuvia, another start-up that developed chips for servers before being swallowed up by Qualcomm. It was founded by three Apple alumni, who filed a complaint over the potential use of technical information from its labs.


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