Apple fixes Studio Display webcam issue

After several reviews from early adopters who experienced issues with the FaceTime camera, Apple rolled out beta firmware to fix the camera on its Studio Display.

Apple’s Studio Display // Source: FRANDROID — Robin WYCKE

You will soon finally be more beautiful in video conferencing. Apple has announced that an update is being rolled out for its Studio Display. This aims to fix the problem that many users have with the quality of the FaceTime camera. This was one of the black points highlighted in several tests – but not by all the testers – a certain hiccup for a device sold for more than 1700 euros.

The Studio Display has a 12 Mpx ultra-wide-angle sensor (f / 2.4) now quite classic at Apple. The same module that is found with great success on the camera modules of MacBooks and iMacs, even iPads. And these were rather praised for their quality, hence the general misunderstanding that resulted. The 27-inch 5K screen, which proudly advanced its A13 chip to drive the camera and the Centered Frame feature that follows you if you move or are suddenly more numerous in the field of vision, then found itself under fire from critics on one of its potential strengths.

Better, but not yet for everyone

Announced at the same time as the Mac Studio, the Studio Display was to be the flawless addition to the perfect setup for professionals. And therefore especially for those who need to communicate by video. Many then noticed a grainy, low-contrast image.

Apple’s update, however, is bundled in the recently released macOS Monterey 12.4 beta. The firm has not yet decided on a deployment to the general public, probably to wipe off potential plasters first. The first developers who were able to install it and test the improvements noted a more marked contrast and less noise, but without yet reaching the quality of the latest MacBook or other iMac cameras, boosted it is true by more powerful chips.

Comparing the 15.5 (1st pic) and 15.4 (2nd pic) firmware for the Studio Display camera. There’s a _lot_ less noise, and a touch more contrast, but it’s still quite washed out compared to the iMac Pro camera (3rd pic, taken last month).

— James Thomson (@jamesthomson) April 26, 2022

How do I update the Studio Display?

  • Be enrolled in the developer program or public beta.
  • Go to System Preferences
  • Install the macOS Monterey 12.4 beta from your Mac Studio, MacBook, or iMac.
  • Click Update and make sure it is version 15.5 of the firmware proposed for the Studio Display.
  • The screen restarts.

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