Apple had imagined an “all-screen” iPod nano

Tony Fadell, the “father” of the iPod, is in full promotion of his new book Build, in which he looks back on his way of designing products. After showing prototypes of the player printed in 3D, he share this evening prototypes of the iPod nano, also printed in 3D.

The prototypes…

These models of the small walkman all in height (the first generations, at least) allowed the team to hold the object in their hands. ” This is what makes the project real “says Fadell. ” Creating a model is a way to trick your brain, to let your imagination run wild. As soon as you make something physical out of it, as soon as you see it and feel it, you begin to imagine how [l’appareil] can be part of your life or customers life “.

… the real role models. @Apple Explained

Several of these prototypes of course have reminiscences with the models that were actually launched by Apple in the years that followed. In Fadell’s image, the numbers 2, 3 and 4 were the matrix of the first generation nano released in 2005. The very first prototype, with its central wheel, looks funny.

The penultimate looks like a modern iPhone without a notch! Given the time when this prototype was imagined (two years before the very first iPhone, twelve years before the iPhone X), it is unlikely that Apple had the technological capabilities for such a device. As for the last, it evokes the fifth generation iPod nano, that of 2009.


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