Apple has achieved (yet another) exceptional quarter

Crises slide over Apple, which continues to add up record quarters. The computer manufacturer unveiled almost extraterrestrial results this week in view of the current situation.

War in Ukraine or not, shortage of electronic components or not, Apple has nothing to do with the situation. The company’s first quarter results demonstrate the resilience of Apple’s production chain and the commercial power of the group, whose turnover exceeded 97 billion dollars during the first quarter.

Apple does not know the crisis

Apple’s sales increased by 8.6% compared to the same period last year. It is simply the best first quarter ever recorded by the company in terms of income. Profits amounted to $25 billion, up nearly 6%. While the global context, marked by galloping inflation and a supply crisis, degrades the margin (you have to pay more to obtain the parts, assemble them and transport the products), Apple still manages to increase its profits .

The iPhone continues to represent the lion’s share, with $50.5 billion in smartphone sales (+5.5%). The iPhone 13 is a resounding success which is confirmed as the fever of the launch has died down. It is all the more remarkable that once again, the other manufacturers encounter all the difficulties in the world to obtain supplies.

Macs are also doing very well, thanks to the appeal of the M1 chips which have greatly improved the battery life and power of Apple computers. The manufacturer sold them for 10.4 billion dollars (almost +15%). On the other hand, the iPad took a nose dive with sales of 7.6 billion, down 2% year-on-year. Apple puts this down to supply constraints.

Finally, it is confirmed that services have become an essential pillar of Apple’s business. Subscriptions to Apple Music, iCloud storage, App Store apps, Apple TV+ and everything in between totaled nearly $20 billion, up 17%. Apple has 825 million subscribers, 25% more than a year ago.

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