Apple: here is its official rental repair kit


For the past few days, it has now been possible for owners of iPhone 12, 13 or SE3 to change certain strategic parts themselves, such as the screen, the battery or the camera.

Offered at prices relatively close to those of wholesalers, this represents a major saving for DIYers who would not wish to bring their phone to an Apple Store (or other authorized repairers).

Two tool cases for hire

Repairing a smartphone may nevertheless require specific tools. For those who haven’t invested in hardware and don’t want to bother finding alternative solutions, Apple offers a set of rental tools for $49 a week.

And the least we can say is that Apple has gone all out. Delivered in two boxes of the Pelican type, the cases of the package weigh respectively 16 and 21 kg for a total dimension of 50 x 120 cm when they are side by side.

With this kit, users will be able to work on a device held firmly while applying the pressures (when changing the screen, for example) recommended by the manufacturer.

Pending the arrival of the service in France, Apple has published a document aimed at precisely informing users who would like to embark on self-service repair.

Source: MacRumors

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