Apple increases the time limit before removing an old app from its App Store

Apple is relaxing its rule for aging apps somewhat, developers now have 90 days (up from 30 so far) to release the update.

A few days ago, Apple sent warning emails to indie developers, telling them that their app would be removed from the App Store if it wasn’t updated within 30 days. The tech giant had implemented this directive against aging and / or abandoned applications in 2016, but this general warning initiative suggested a more rigorous application of this rule.

Apple is relaxing its rule for aging apps somewhat

Some recipients of this warning have publicly criticized this rule, saying they go against independent developers because it is very difficult to keep up with developments in the platform and the work to be done even to release a minor update. Today, Apple released a post explaining why some older apps are in danger of being removed, along with an announcement that developers now have more time to update their apps.

Developers now have 90 days (up from 30 so far) to release the update

In the post in question, the Cupertino company explains that it will only send removal notices to developers whose applications have not been updated for three years, as well as to developers whose apps have not have “not been downloaded at all or too little during a period of 12 months”. Apple says getting rid of aging apps helps make new ones more visible and ensures users can enjoy games and tools that are fully optimized for the latest versions of its OS and newer devices.

As you might know, old apps don’t work very well on newer smartphones, tablets, and laptops, delivering a user experience far below what one might expect. Still, 30 days is far from enough to update an application for small developers in this way. The good news is that the Cupertino company has therefore decided to extend this period to 90 days. Users will be able to keep apps already installed on their devices even if they end up being removed from the App Store and developers will still be able to generate revenue through their microtransactions.

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