Apple is already working on an iMac M3

We have not yet seen the M2 chip that already the shadow of its successor is on the horizon. Mark Gurman, who last week revealed a long list of future Mac M2s in the test phase, today announced in his newsletter that Apple was already working on an iMac equipped with an engine based on… M3.

This all-in-one wouldn’t be released until late next year, however, at best. Does this also mean that Apple will not update the iMac M1 range, which would then skip the M2 box? If so, the wait would seem very long (the Mac M1 was released last spring). The snoop of Bloomberg also reports that an iMac Pro is still in the pipeline, but without saying what type of chip (M1 Pro/Max? M2?) or when if not ” not so soon “.

Rumors have multiplied about this iMac Pro, some contradictory. According to the latest news, it would be a 27-inch model with a mini-LED screen that could appear this summer.

M2, M2 Pro, M2 Max, M2 Ultra, M2 Extreme: the future chips of

M2, M2 Pro, M2 Max, M2 Ultra, M2 Extreme: Apple’s future chips will spread to all Macs 🆕


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