Apple is preparing a smarter version of MagSafe technology

A new version of MagSafe could soon see the light of day. Indeed, Apple is currently working on a technology to transmit data.

Apple would like to erase the defects of MagSafe

In 2020, Apple introduced MagSafe, its magnetic wireless charging technology. In fact, the iPhone 12 and 13 can be charged wirelessly at 15 W, but Apple would like to go even further. In any case, this is what a new patent application suggests, describing a smarter way of working.

Apple explains that certain MagSafe accessories tend to trap heat on certain devices, which therefore tend to heat up during charging, which forces them to restrict the processor and the brightness of the screen from a certain temperature. To remedy this, the new technology would be able to detect which accessory is magnetized to the back of the iPhone.

Concretely, each accessory would be able to communicate information to the iPhone, in particular its temperature tolerances. In order, for example, to restrain the load when the iPhone has a MagSafe shell, to avoid heatstroke.

Apple’s power bank updates

Always with a view to satisfying its customers, Apple recently deployed a new version of the firmware for its MagSafe external battery. A welcome update that allows faster charging, up to 7.5 W, against 5 W previously. It is the firmware 2.7.b.0 which brings this novelty: you can consult the version installed on your battery in the application Settings > General > Information > MagSafe external battery.

To update your battery, simply attach it to the back of your compatible iPhone, and it will update. Another possibility is to connect it to a Mac or an iPad via its Lightning port. The firmware update will take approximately five minutes.

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