Apple is the stock buyback champion (by far)

If the augurs were not mistaken, Apple should align record figures in the next results that it will publish tomorrow evening. Analysts also expect the Cupertino company to announce a massive buyback plan for its own shares, in the order of $90 billion in capitalization value. Over the last 12 months, Apple has also been the champion of share buybacks (for an amount of 82.6 billion dollars), far ahead of Alphabet (50.3 billion dollars in share buybacks), Meta ( 44.8 billion) or even Berkshire Hathaway (26.9 billion).

These buybacks support the value of the stock and generally attract investors. It doesn’t always work: Alphabet’s stock fell yesterday in the wake of worse-than-expected results, and even as Google had just announced a $70 billion share buyback plan.

It must be said that the international context has darkened considerably: between the pandemic and the closing of factories in China, the surge in prices almost everywhere in the world, the war in Ukraine and the very pessimistic climatic prospects (latest report of the IPCC), the atmosphere is not one of joy, and probably won’t be even if Apple beats its sales records in Q1 2022

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