Apple limits recruitment of Genius in certain Apple Stores

Apple has decided to slow down the recruitment of Geniuses in some of its Apple Stores. This is at least the case in the United States and it is possible that this is also the case in the rest of the world.

Fewer and fewer Geniuses in the Apple Store

According to Bloomberg, Apple has informed some of its stores that it will not replace Genius positions that become vacant after employees leave. The company has also withdrawn job offers for these positions in some cases. However, Apple did not lay off employees or enact a general hiring freeze.

Two reasons would be linked to this slowdown in recruitment of Geniuses, namely the people who help customers when there is a breakdown or another problem with their Apple products. The first reason would be to save money. The second would be related to the Covid-19 and the fact that there are fewer customers going to physical Apple Stores to carry out a repair. So Apple wouldn’t find it necessary to hire more Geniuses because demand isn’t at the level it used to be.

Asked, Apple declined to comment on Bloomberg’s information. It must be said that this is normally private since it has been shared with certain employees in the shops.

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