Apple Music is more complete on Android than on iOS

Surprisingly, Apple’s music streaming service has a few features on Android that iOS users don’t have…

Launched in 2015, Apple Music quickly won the hearts of iOS users, with a very rich music library. Initially available to Apple customers only, the service has also replaced Beats Music on Android, gaining market share from Spotify. And to try to convince a maximum of Spotify users on Android to switch to Apple Music, Apple is obviously ready to make some sacrifices.

And these sacrifices, they go through more features on Android than on … iOS. It may seem surprising, but as noted by 9To5Mac, this is the first time that an application made in Apple is richer on Android than on apple terminals. Accustomed to iPhones for a long time, journalist Filipe Espósito admits to having fallen for a Samsung smartphone, while continuing to use Apple Music.

One of the first “novelties” he noticed was that the music follows each other with a small crossfade, like DJs. This therefore means that there is no short silence when a piece of music ends. Users can then choose to activate the automatic crossfade, so that it adapts to the length of the songs, or that it is identical for all the music.

“Gapless reading”

Another feature missing from iOS and present on Android is called “Gapless Playback”. In 2020, this option was added to Samsung and similar devices without arriving on iOS. It allows you to remove silence between tracks without using a crossfade.

Maybe you’ve already noticed that album artwork doesn’t always look right on all of your devices, or isn’t the right one. Well know that on Android, it is possible to update them. Ditto for songs classified as “Explicit”, it is possible to access many options concerning them on Android, but not on iOS.

Difficult to understand Apple’s strategy to offer more functionality for its applications on competing devices. However, let’s hope that they will soon be available on iOS, iPadOS and macOS…

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