Apple offers the new Swift Playgrounds beta 4.1 on iPad and… on Mac!

Last year Apple released the highly anticipated Swift Playgrounds, which allows developers to submit their projects directly from the iPad to the App Store. Now, the firm invites developers to try the new beta version numbered 4.1, which brings its share of new features.

But the great novelty is above all the arrival of these features on Mac, which will also allow developers to create applications from scratch with the tool and benefit from the set of functions already available on the iPad. To test this, you will need have at least macOS 12.4 beta 2 or later.

Here is the list of what’s new:

• Preview your app and see changes live as you type (app projects require macOS 12.4 beta 2 or higher).
• Run your application in its own window and install it in the Applications folder Learn how to create applications with procedures and examples provided by Apple.
• Submit your app to App Store Connect and distribute it with TestFlight.
• Type with quick inline code suggestions.
• Browse a library of SwiftUI controls, symbols, and colors.
• Use publicly available Swift packages.
• Search through all files in your project.
•Open your new application projects in Xcode.

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