Apple reminds small developers of its $100 million program

Apple is reminding small developers that they can take advantage of its $100 million program, which follows a class action settlement over App Store policies. This program is only for small developers in the United States.

Apple’s Small Developer Program is back in the news

Apple today says eligible developers have until May 20 to submit a request to an Independent Administrator in order to receive payment. The fund is open to all US-based developers who:

  • sold paid apps or in-app purchases (including subscriptions) through the App Store between June 4, 2015 and April 26, 2021
  • and earned $1 million or less in revenue through the US App Store in each calendar year they had a developer account between 2015 and 2021.

Developer requests can be made on this dedicated site. They can claim between $250 and $30,000. Of course, they don’t decide the amount — we suspect everyone would be asking for the $30,000 if they did. The amount is decided according to various factors, including participation on the App Store.

There are approximately 67,000 eligible developers. Developers who earned less than $100 on the App Store will receive the minimum payout of $250, while those who earned more than $1 million will be eligible for a higher payout. Minimum payments are subject to change depending on the total number of requests.

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