Apple Silicon’s competing Qualcomm chips won’t arrive until 2023

Last summer, Qualcomm mentioned the upcoming arrival of Arm chips capable of competing with the versions designed by Apple.

It will ultimately be necessary to wait a little longer than expected to verify Qualcomm’s statements. Indeed, Cristiano Amon, manager of the firm, who last July mentioned the arrival of the first machines equipped with these famous chips for the summer of 2022, took advantage of the presentation of the company’s results. to announce that chips are currently on the right track to be delivered in consumer machines for the end of 2023.

As a reminder, the firm will rely on the experience and technology of Nuvia, a firm founded by former Apple and acquired last year by Qualcomm for 1.4 billion dollars to design these chips in which the company has great hopes. Former Nuvia executive Gerard Williams III was sued by Cupertino for allegedly exploiting Apple technology and poaching other staff while still in office.

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