Apple teases Star Wars-themed “Behind the Mac” video

Regularly, Apple offers mini films to promote the use of its computers by professionals, whether for audio creation, video editing, or even the development of games and software. This time, Apple released a brief trailer for an upcoming “Behind the Mac” movie featuring “Skywalker Sound,” Lucasfilm’s sound effects division known for the Star Wars franchise and many other movies prancing around the world. box office.

Here is the “Skywalker Sound” teaser that can be seen on Apple’s YouTube channel:

On May 4, step behind the Mac at Skywalker Sound to meet the artists making sounds from a galaxy far, far away.

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The full film will be released on Apple’s YouTube channel on May 4, a special day for the Star Wars saga, and will show how artists from the “Skywalker Sound” studio use Macs and other tools to generate sound. found in iconic films. They are no longer confined to film productions since Star Wars is now available in series on Disney + but also in video games on most platforms, including recently on Apple Arcade. We will update the article with the full video on D-Day.

skywalker studio behind the mac video

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