Apple TV+ signs a documentary on the life of Michael J. Fox, the iconic Marty McFly of Back to the Future

If the name of Michael J. Fox means nothing to you, that of Marty McFly obviously evokes thousands of things. It is therefore with pleasure that you (and us) will dive into the future documentary signed Apple TV +: from his childhood to his first appearances in front of the camera, the actor will return to Michael J. Fox on the events of his life that tagged, all embellished with archival footage. Considered a must in cinema, the saga of Back to the future should unsurprisingly be entitled to its dedicated part. We hope that fans will be able to discover new images from the set or exclusive anecdotes from the series.

Other episodes in the life of Michael J. Fox should resurface, such as the success that falls on him after his appearances in the television series Sacred Family or his Parkinson’s disease diagnosed at only 29 years old. Several stakeholders, including the actor’s family, should appear to testify.
The documentary available on Apple TV+ will be produced by Concordia Studios but does not yet have a scheduled release date.


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