Apple TV+ will dedicate a documentary to an icon of the 80s

Apple TV+ will focus on the fate of Michael J. Fox, famous Marty McFly from the Back to the Future saga.

Notice to fans of Back to the future, Apple will offer us a golden opportunity to discover the destiny of the famous Marty McFly. Rest assured, the platform does not plan to reboot the Robert Zemeckis saga, it will focus on actor Michael J. Fox with his new documentary.

This production brings together archival footage and scripted footage to tell his extraordinary story. In his own words, the actor will retrace several key moments in his life. From her childhood on a Canadian military base to her first steps in front of a camera, no detail should be spared.

We can also expect a few archive images on the filming of Back to the future, and exclusive interviews dedicated to the saga. The opportunity to discover more behind the scenes of these films, still considered today as jewels of pop culture.

It will also address his journey since he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease when he was only 29 years old. With the exceptional support of Michael J. Fox and his family, the film will recount between intimacy and sincerity his triumphs, his sorrows, to show the fight of an eternal optimist against an incurable disease.

A clever mix between fiction and reality that will make this documentary a comedy, a romance and a drama, thus giving the impression of seeing… a film with Michael J. Fox.

No release date yet

We do not yet know when this documentary will be broadcast which, we must admit, is rather intriguing. Apple TV+ nevertheless gave some details on the teams who worked on the project. It is produced by Concordia Studios. This is the second time that the platform has collaborated with the company, after the documentary Boys State. He was rewarded at the Emmy Awards. Apple TV+ is no doubt hoping to win a title with this film dedicated to Michael J. Fox.

As a reminder, Apple TV+ is an SVOD service offered by the Apple brand. It is offered at 4.99 euros per month, with a 7-day trial. The platform already has some great successes to its credit. She was notably crowned for the title of best film during the Oscar series of this year 2022. She also obtained numerous awards for her comedy Ted Lassowho is set to return for a new season this year.

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