Apple updates AirTags with firmware 1A301

Apple is releasing a software update today for its AirTags with firmware that upgrades to version 1A301. The previous version was 1A291. This has actually known several variations over the months (1A291c, 1A291e, etc.).

New update for AirTags

As always with Apple, there is not the slightest information concerning the novelties brought by the new firmware for the AirTags. It may very well be that these are simple bug fixes and other improvements. Apple may also have added something new. At this time, the information is not known because Apple does not provide a list of changes.

Another “problem” is that Apple doesn’t offer any option to force updates to be checked for and installed. You must therefore let the object tracker handle this operation on its own. To check the installed version, open the Find My app on your iPhone, go to the Objects tab, choose your AirTag from the list, then tap its name. You will see the information (as well as the serial number).

It should be noted that Apple plans to release this 1A301 firmware for AirTags in a phased manner, so not everyone will have it right away. 1% of AirTag users will get it today, 10% on May 3, 25% on May 9, and everyone will get it on May 13.

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