Apple Watch Series 7: the connected watch that crushes the competition is finally on sale

News good plan Apple Watch Series 7: the connected watch that crushes the competition is finally on sale

If you want a smartwatch with the best features that won’t let you down anytime soon, Apple’s Watch Series is definitely the product you should be looking at. Good news: the Watch Series 7 with GPS and 45 mm aluminum case and its sports bracelet goes from €459 to €419 at Fnac.

Apple Watch Series 7: the all-inclusive watch for less

The spearhead of connected watches from the firm at Apple is seeing its price drop, and this is good news for all those who were waiting to see a reduction on a popular product as it provides the best we can expect on a connected watch.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 at 419€ at Fnac

The sports wristband is available in five colors reminiscent of those of the iPhone: gray, beige, blue, red and green. If you want a bracelet to match your smartphone, don’t wait too long because stocks are gradually running out and you may have to choose a default color.

In terms of performance and functionality, we are going to the heights with iOS14 support, a 1.77-inch 396 x 484 pixel display and a 64-bit S7 Dual-Core processor 20% faster than Apple Watch SE.

A powerful smartwatch for all Apple Watch features

With such a watch on your wrist, you simply won’t understand what rowing means, which will be nice for you to smoothly enjoy the extraordinary variety of Apple Watch Series applications with, among others:

  • Accelerometer
  • Viewing Notifications
  • Altimeter
  • Compass
  • Stopwatch
  • Built-in GPS
  • Loud speaker
  • Apple Pay
  • Alarm clock/alarm

It’s simple, you always have at hand an ultra powerful and intuitive tool which is even compatible with Siri for even more speed and ergonomics. You even have a small rotary button on the side of the case that allows you to navigate without soliciting the screen, for the purists.

Needless to say, the Apple Watch Series 7 is the ultimate weapon for health monitoring and sports training. Among other things, you can do an electrocardiogram, measure the oxygenation level in the blood and obtain rigorous monitoring of your daily physical activity thanks to a readable interface and design such as only Apple can do them.

The Apple Watch Series 7 has it all in terms of user experience

Apple’s Series 7 is simply the top end of what you can get with a smartwatch. It is even waterproof up to 50m!

Delivered with its bracelet and its fast and magnetic charging cable, it offers even faster charging than the manufacturer’s previous models.

With finally a promo on this device which sounds the end of the game for the competition, there is no doubt that the aficionados Apple will find there watch on their wrist to properly expand their iPhone 13.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 at 419€ at Fnac

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