Apple Watch Series 8: body temperature could be integrated according to Kuo

A persevering rumor was the possible integration of a body temperature sensor within the Apple Watch Series 7 at the time. A novelty that ultimately did not see the light of day during the presentation of the connected watch last year.

The cause ? The variation of the temperature of the skin according to the environment and an algorithm not yet developed. According to reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, body temperature could nevertheless be integrated with the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 8.

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Kuo thinks body temperature could be integrated into the Apple Watch Series 8

In a thread of tweets, Kuo explained that Apple wanted to incorporate a body temperature measurement function within the Apple Watch Series 7. However, the body temperature algorithm that Apple had developed was not satisfactory. .

But, according to his information, Kuo understands that Apple could offer the functionality with the next generation of its connected watch, provided that “the algorithm can meet Apple’s high requirements before mass production”.

Kuo added that Samsung is having similar difficulties with body temperature measurement, noting that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 might not come with a body temperature monitoring feature due to algorithmic limitations.

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