Apple would relaunch iPhone 13 Pro orders!

If Mark Gurman saves Sunday for his Sunday newsletter, DigiTimes chooses Monday for its weekly report live from the production lines! Apparently, things are moving on the side of the subcontractors: Cupertino is reportedly planning to increase production of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max by 10 million units for the second quarter of 2022.

The media wants to be more reassuring than the latest rumors and announces a total improvement in the situation of Apple’s Chinese partners, highly impacted by health measures. As a reminder, several of them have been forced to partially or totally suspend their activity, slowing down the supply and delivery of iPhones, iPads or Macs.

In parallel, the situation would be good for TSMC (Apple’s chip supplier), whose business is expected to grow by nearly 25% this year. Thus, the Californian firm should normally expect shipments of chips for the next iPhone (and other products) during the first half of June. In addition, TSMC is also expected to increase substantially its M-series chip shipments asApple completes transition for completely discontinue Intel processors for its Macs this year.

In 2022, TSMC should generate $ 17 billion in revenue just for Apple orders. And the future should be just as flourishing. In effect, Apple would have already placed its orders for 2025, namely chips engraved in 2 nm ! But it would already be a question of a new partnership between Apple and TSMC to develop chips engraved in 1 nmwhich could equip augmented reality products, or even the Apple Car.

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