Apple’s private iCloud relay may expand further!

An iOS 16 leak suggests that Apple’s private iCloud relay is likely to continue to expand its services to iPhone users, giving them more options to make their data hidden from prying eyes. The release of iOS 16 is scheduled for two months. It will make its debut at the Cupertino tech giant’s WWDC on June 6.

That said, now that the release of the successor to iOS 15 is getting closer to its official launch, expect rumors and leaks to emerge from time to time. This is the case with most software and devices coming to the tech world, especially with the secrecy of tech giant Apple.

According to an article by 9to5Mac, the iCloud Private Relay feature, which is currently available through the iCloud+ subscription service, may see some dramatic updates with the upcoming release of iOS 16.

The private relay feature debuted at Apple’s WWDC 2021 event. The tech juggernaut has touted its privacy and security features, giving its users a way to hide their data.

9to5Mac added in its report that iCloud Private Relay specifically gives its users two separate internet relays, allowing them to hide their personal information.

Wider availability?

It should be noted that the Private Relay feature, despite its seemingly essential function, is only available to a limited number of users. Indeed, iCloud Private Relay is currently available to iCloud+ subscribers. Not to mention that it’s just been an opt-in feature since launch.

It’s worth pointing out that Private Relay primarily supports Safari traffic. As such, it has yet to cover other in-app traffic, which goes beyond Apple’s web browser. Given that, there’s still plenty of room to expand Apple’s iCloud Private Relay functionality.

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