At the Met Gala, Riz Ahmed is one of the few who understood the double-sided theme

FASHION – He is one of the rare guests to have, on the one hand, understood the dress code and, secondly, to have grasped all of its complexity. This Monday, May 2, British comedian and musician Riz Ahmed may not have shone for the exuberance of his costume at the Met Gala, but for the message he transmitted.

The latter arrived on the red carpet of the social dinner, organized by the popess of fashion Anna Wintour in New York, adorned with an open long-sleeved shirt over a white silk leotard, himself tucked into navy blue pants . At his feet, a pair of black leather boots.

No rhinestones, fringes, bow ties or white ties, as the theme of this 2022 edition of the gala suggested. In front of the cameras, the sober look of the artist contrasts with those of other celebrities. This look, he says, recalls that of the immigrant workers “who kept the golden age going” and to whom he wanted to “pay homage”.

The theme of this Met Gala was titled “Gilded Glamour, white tie”, in reference to the Gilded Age, a period in United States history from 1870 to 1890, the American golden age.

The expression, which we owe to the writer Mark Twain, corresponds to the period of prosperity that followed the Civil War, a period during which the country experienced unprecedented economic and industrial growth. It is the great boom of the railways, of investors, of technical innovations. It is also the arrival with great fanfare of skyscrapers in New York… and vogue.

A two-way theme

But now, the growth in wages has not been beneficial to everyone, it has been accompanied by an increase in income inequality. According to historians George Brown Tindall and David E. Shi in their book America: A Narrative History, the richest 2% of households held more than a third of the country’s wealth in their hands. The majority of the working class was below the poverty line.

The context has seen the emergence of corruption and what are called “robber barons”. The term is pejorative, it designates men accused of savage capitalism. The same men who, for example, created monopolies to drive up prices or who resorted to the exploitation of the labor force, made up in large part of immigrants, to increase their wealth.

This Monday, Riz Ahmed’s outfit was one of the most discussed at the ceremony. The latter is delighted. However, he says it: “I think more and more I wear clothes less to spark debate between people and more to feel good about myself. That is to say, I do it for me, he indicates to QG. You see?”

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