Audiences: “Murders in paradise” stronger than “Handigang”, M6 FRDA leader, failed launch for “Hôtel du temps”

Monday evening, according to Médiamétrie, on France 2, two episodes of the British-French series “Murders in paradise” – an unpublished and a rerun – gathered an average of 3.24 million individuals, or 16.1% of the public ( 6.3% of FRDA-50). The unreleased single was watched by 4.02 million fans (18.2% of 4+ and 7.1% of FRDA-50). Last week, this same series was watched by an average of 3.28 million people (16.1% of the public and 6.5% of the FRDA-50).

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TF1 is second with the unpublished unit “Handigang”, carried by Alessandra Sublet and Théo Curin. Until 11 p.m., the two episodes broadcast were able to count on an average of 2.99 million onlookers, for an audience share of 15.1% among the general public and 17.9% among women responsible for purchases under fifty (FRDA-50). A low level for a fiction on the channel. A week ago, an evening dedicated to “Camping paradise” had pleased an average of 3.50 million people (17.8% of 4+ and 20.2% of FRDA-50).

Card on the commercial target for “Married at first sight”

M6 follows with the docu-reality “Married at first sight”, produced by Studio 89, which held an average of 2.70 million French people in suspense, which represents an audience share of 14.2% overall. of the public and 31.9% on the main commercial target, a target on which the channel is the broad leader. It is even a historic record for the program according to the channel. Seven days ago, 2.74 million followers had attended the two parts broadcast (14.2% of the 4-year-old public and 29.9% of the FRDA-50).

Behind, we find France 3 with the first entertainment issue “Hôtel du temps”, produced and presented by Thierry Ardisson. In the presence of Dalida, the program attracted only 1.40 million fans of unusual experiences, for a market share of 6.8% (2.7% on the FRDA-50). As an indication, last week, an unpublished issue of “Secrets d’histoire” had mobilized 1.54 million individuals (7.4% of 4+ and 3.1% of FRDA-50).

Among the other channels, on TMC, the continuation of the “Star Wars” saga with the broadcast of “Revenge of the Sith” fascinated 1.06 million fans (6.3% of 4+ and 6.7% of FRDA-50). On France 5, Hugo Clément at the head of a new issue of “Sur le front” devoted to biofuels and biogas convinced 1.05 million ecology enthusiasts until 9:50 p.m. and 4.7% of 4-year-olds and more (2.4% of FRDA-50).

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