Axel (Married at first sight) suffering from a rare pathology: “I refused the operation”

He is one of the candidates for Married at first sight 2022 (M6) which makes the most talk. Many viewers are saddened by his marriage to Caroline. The latter, with whom the 30-year-old project manager and site pilot is 80% compatible, does not feel attracted to him and is disappointed that he does not share his convictions. She is therefore very distant, which greatly annoys some Internet users who take the side of Axel. The young man therefore saw his number of subscribers climb on Instagram. And he likes to tell them about periods of his life.

This Monday, April 25, 2022, it is the subject of his sporting potential that he wanted to highlight on his news feed. The opportunity to discover that during his childhood, he practiced handball. He was in regional selection and was about “to integrate the hope pole“. But at the age of 14, he wanted to change his discipline. And it was to cycling that he turned.”What about the first years with victories and titles, then a bit of trouble. Finally back on a bike after a 2 year hiatus. I decided to invest myself thoroughly in my sport, by documenting myself on the aspects of physical and mental preparation, the equipment. I was able to take advantage of my dad’s store in Abbeville to chat with the brands and test the equipment“, he explained.

“I have to pass on the pool table”

If 2018 was a year full of successes, 2019 was marked by its move to its mountains, in Savoie. He was then drawn to hiking. “I left the bike little by little but above all, a pain was felt since I could no longer sustain intense efforts; after 12 months of hardships I am diagnosed with iliac endofibrosis [une pathologie peu fréquente qui se caractérise par une lésion de l’artère iliaque externe au-dessus du pli de l’aine, NDLR]. To continue cycling, I have to pass on the pool table. I refused this intervention scheduled for April 2022“, revealed Axel.

Then he confided that at the beginning, he was frustrated to be so often bored by the disciplines in which he was good. But he ended up finding out”the meaning of the word multi potential“and everything changed.”This ability to take an interest in everything, intensely, thoroughly and then move on. My favorite sentence on this subject? I don’t want to grow old and tell myself that I haven’t done this or that in my life. Today I experience it so much better, because last year I tried so many things. Climbing, ski touring are part of it. This year I feel ready for mountaineering and GVs with a big plan in early 2023. You can do it all“, he concluded.

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