Basilic & Co, a brand dedicated to “local pizzas”, sets up in Limoges

Basilic & Co has just opened its 49th restaurant in Limoges. And the start is done on wheel hats. This sign has, as they say, the bottle. It was created in 2007. The coexistence of local products, gastronomy and fast food are the source of its success.

Making quality one of its main priorities, Basilic & Co essentially offers pizzas made around the regions and their respective specialties. The fresh dough is homemade. At Basilic&Co in Limoges, you can eat on the spot or take away. This is what makes this friendly and warm place special.

75 restaurants by 2023

Sandy and Christophe Paillerez

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Wishing to continue its development in France, the “Basilic & Co” brand is aiming for the milestone of seventy-five restaurants by 2023! Each season, the menu is renewed.

At the moment, the Basque Country is in the spotlight. Sandy and Christophe Paillerez, taking the reins of this restaurant, begin a new professional adventure. Originally from Limoges, they worked for a long time in Bourges before joining the porcelain city.

“After fifteen years of absence we decided to start a new adventure”, explains Sandy. The restaurant is open seven days a week.

Elsewhere in town

The couturier of taste. Already established in Les Halles, where Simon mainly offers tripe, “Le couturier du goût” is settling in at 1 place de la Motte. In addition to savory pastries, he also makes toast for aperitifs, ready meals and homemade charcuterie. From Tuesday to Saturday.

Li’s Sandwich. Located at 12 rue Gondinet, Li’s offers Italian sandwiches made with foccacia, bread made, among other things, with olive oil. The meats and cheeses are local. And in addition, there is the kindness of Lisa and Eric. From Tuesday to Saturday.

Alegria. Alegria means happiness in Portuguese. Georges and Alexandre Pereira-Lima have opened in the restaurant at 15 rue Bugatti, a grocery store selling Portuguese and Brazilian specialties. Open Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Nekohi. “Nekohi” at 2 rue de La Loi, former restaurant “Pati-Coufi” means in Japanese, “coffee-cat”. Open for two weeks, this establishment is for those who like to share a little time with felines. Aurélie and Zakary, serve their customers moments of sweetness. Pastry virtuoso, Zakary worked at Cyril Lignac and at the Black Forest in Limoges. At Nekohi, coffee, tea, gourmet chocolates are customizable. A comfortable area for reading and board games is available as well as a work area.

Bonnie & Glide.This food-truck located at 21 rue Guy-Môquet, in the parking lot of the Harley-Davidson dealership, is not just for bikers. It is aimed at all those who want to escape, gastronomically speaking, during the lunch break. The master of the place offers to discover surprising flavors, colors and textures. Burger, fish and chips, tapas restaurant. For opening hours contact

Jean-Francois Julien
Video: Jean-Christophe Bourdin


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