Bataclan survivors find the Eagles of Death Metal – Liberation

six years later

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Attacks of November 13, 2015, the trialcase

The American group, which had not played in Paris for six years, was back on Tuesday at the Olympia. The occasion of a very symbolic reunion for the survivors of the Bataclan, after intense weeks at the trial of the attacks of November 13.

“This concert is going to be a bit of a big cousinade”, had warned the day before Olivier Laplaud, the vice-president of the association of victims Life for Paris (LFP), which brings together some 700 members. The quadra with the provided beard and tattooed arms was not mistaken. For their entrance on the Olympia stage, the Eagles of Death Metal chose a title in the blink of an eye – We are Family of the Sister Sledge – to this large community, this large family now formed by bereaved relatives and survivors of the attacks of November 13, 2015, especially those of the Bataclan. It’s 9:30 p.m., the American rock band is rolling in. Singer and co-founder Jesse Hughes sports a club badge on his scarlet suspenders, puts on his sunglasses and heats up his guitar. This Tuesday evening, he is the only member of the original formation, the only one to have experienced the irruption of the three terrorists of the Islamic State on the song Kiss the Devil, when the firing of Kalashnikovs came to cover the riffs of the guitars and the cries of joy of an audience united by its passion for rock. So the leader with twirling hair says all his happiness to be there, the indestructible rock’n’roll, “especially here in France”and his infinite love for all these “motherfuckers” in the room.



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