behind Dalida hides… a former actress of Mysteries of Love

This Monday, May 2, Thierry Ardisson is back on television with hotel of time, a program where he interviews the dead thanks to a very successful technological process. And to “incarnate” the first guest, Dalida, he called on an actress well known to fans of Mysteries of love.

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Thierry Ardisson arrives this Monday, May 2 on France 3 as a bonus with hotel of time. The principle ? Bringing back to life for an evening a lost legend, with whom he talks in a suite at the Hôtel Meurice, in Paris. First “guest”: the unforgettable singer Dalida. To bring the star, who died 35 years ago, back to life, he developed a revolutionary precedent, as he explained to us: “We have developed, with the company Mac Guff, a technological process called “Face Retriever”. For Dalida, for example, we entered a lot of videos of her into the “machine”, which learned her face before applying it to that of the actress I had in front of me. For it to work, it had to reproduce his gestures, his way of standing, and his way of speaking, because it was his voice that was then reworked, “dalidaïsé”.

Concretely, during the filming, the actress was in front of Thierry Ardisson as you can see in the program. And it was then in post-production that her face was completely reworked, just like her voice.

Julie Chevallier, in the casting of mysteries of love from 2016 to 2021

And to play this “double” of Dalida, the production called upon an actress who is called… Julie Chevallier. A familiar face to fans of mysteries of love ! From 2016 to 2021, she played Béatrice, the girlfriend of José (Philippe Vasseur) and Cathy (Cathy Andrieu) in the TMC series. She definitely left the program at the end of season 24. If you can recognize her silhouette, you won’t see her face, however, the latter fading behind that of Dalida.

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