Bluehole Releases Review of First Closed Pod System E-Cigarette Featuring FEELM Technology and FDA Cleared

SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bluehole New Consumption, China’s leading vaping media outlet, today publishes a notice on the first closed pod system e-cigarette equipped with FEELM technology and cleared by the FDA .

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On April 26, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the marketing of NJOY Ace tobacco flavored e-liquid pods. It is the first FDA-cleared e-cigarette to feature ceramic coils made by FEELM, SMOORE’s flagship vape technology brand.

NJOY has partnered with SMOORE since 2009. The launch of NJOY Ace was in 2018. Its inner mechanism, the world’s first metal film black ceramic spray coil, was designed by FEELM. NJOY Ace is the first ceramic coil pod format electronic cigarette and vape cleared by the FDA and this marketing clearance clearly attests to the harm reduction potential of FEELM’s ceramic coil. According to the FDA, NJOY Ace is authorized for sale because “chemical analyzes were sufficient to determine that the overall concentrations of harmful and potentially harmful components (HPHC) in the aerosol of these products were lower than those present in the smoke of burning cigarettes. »

In line with PMTA (Premarket Tobacco Product Application) requirements, SMOORE has developed a comprehensive system of safety assessment and analytical testing, including founding the vaping industry’s first toxicology testing laboratory, to explore the health effects of exposure to e-cigarette vapor through cytotoxicological assays and assess the response of living cells to the various components of e-cigarette vapor. The company has also established the third generation of SMOORE 3.0 internal safety standards, which cover all FDA-listed PMTA and HPHC (harmful and potentially harmful components) testing.

“The idea behind the PMTA is to demonstrate, in a systematic and scientific manner, the harm reduction capabilities of the vaping product and to demonstrate that it complies with the principles of protection of public health. (APPH or appropriate for the protection of the public health),” said Dr. Long, Director of SMOORE’s Security Evaluation and Analytical Testing Center. “The manufacturer must confirm the product’s potential to appeal to adult smokers while protecting youth and non-smokers from nicotine addiction,” which could explain why all FDA-cleared vaping products are flavored with nicotine. tobacco and that products with popular flavors have all been refused marketing. This also explains why e-cigarette manufacturers focus on replicating the flavor of tobacco and maximizing harm reduction capabilities to get their products approved through a PMTA procedure. »

According to Nielsen, Vuse edged out Juul to rank No. 1 in e-cigarette sales in the United States with a 35% market share for the two weeks ending April 9, 2022. Vuse Alto, Vuse’s flagship product, is also equipped with FEELM ceramic coils. Number 3 on the American market, NJOY represents nearly 3.1% of market share. A federal judge, however, has ordered the FDA to provide him with progress reports on PMTAs introduced by major vaping brands. Several major vaping brands like Vuse and Juul are expected to receive their status reports from the FDA very soon.

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