Brain Corp Continues European Growth and Unveils Inventory Scan Technology in Collaboration with Tennant Company, a First-of-its-Kind Robotic Solution for Automated Retail Scanning

  • New BrainOS-powered Inventory Scan module will be installed on Tennant’s stand-alone floor processing machines to collect and report key insights into store inventory data

  • The Inventory Scan technology will be unveiled for the first time in Europe at RAI Amsterdam which will host the Interclean trade show, May 10-13, 2022 (Brain Corp, stand 108, hall 7)

  • Brain Corp sees 100% year-on-year growth in European countries deploying BrainOS-powered robots

AMSTERDAM and SAN DIEGO, April 28, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Brain Corp, an artificial intelligence (AI) company behind transformative core technology for the robotics industry, and Tennant Company today announce the official European presentation of ‘Inventory Scan, a powerful new data collection module that will be integrated with Tennant’s stand-alone floor processing machines to independently analyze and report key information about in-store inventory data.

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Brain Corp Demonstrates ‘Inventory Scan’ Technology with Tennant Company at Interclean (Photo: Business Wire)

“By integrating Inventory Scan with existing or new cleaning robot fleets, retailers will be able to immediately access critical in-store inventory data in near real-time,” said Dave Ross, vice president of business development at Brain Corp. “Knowing where an item is, i.e., if it’s in stock, if it’s in order, if the price is right, and much more, allows managers to improve efficiency store management while providing optimal shopping experiences for their customers. Based on the success already registered in the United States with this technology, we look forward to seeing the reactions of the European market. »

Using a one-of-a-kind versatile design, the powerful new scanning module powered by BrainOS, Brain Corp’s autonomous solutions software platform, will be installed on Tennant’s soil processing machines. The new cloud-connected Inventory Scan module is able to collect data as the machine moves autonomously through the store. Reports are then sent to the site managers in order to provide a great deal of information, in particular concerning the verification of the accuracy of the prices, the conformity of the planograms, the stock levels of the products as well as their location. Each feature eliminates the need for time-consuming and potentially inaccurate manual processes that often result in lost revenue opportunities, over-ordering expenses and lack of collaboration with buyers.

“The new integrated inventory management module is a must-have for retailers because it fills a gap in AI and data processing,” said Maggie Koester, global product manager at Tennant Company. “This solution is ideal because of its ability to integrate with retailers’ inventory management systems using their existing floor processing machines. By combining these machines with data collection functionality, we are significantly improving the way stores operate. Inventory Scan helps optimize retailer efficiency and effectiveness by reducing the impact of labor-intensive processes. Our ambition is to fully automate data collection and floor maintenance so that our customers can target their actions on the management of their activities. »

The technology will be officially unveiled at Interclean 2022 in Amsterdam

The Inventory Scan technology will be unveiled in Europe at the RAI Center in Amsterdam from May 10-13, 2022 (Brain Corp, Booth 108, Hall 7).

“This new product marks the beginning of a new achievement for our company as well as continued growth in Europe and the United States,” said Eugene Izhikevich, CEO of Brain Corp. “We are actively moving robots equipped with BrainOS from primarily task-oriented machines to in-store data acquisition platforms. This provides critical insights and significantly increases returns for European retailers while continuing to grow our business in Europe and beyond. »

Brain Corp sees 100% year-on-year growth in European countries deploying BrainOS-powered robots

Partnered with many of the world’s largest OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), including Minuteman, Karcher, Nilfisk and Tennant, autonomous cleaning robots, powered by BrainOS®, the AI ​​operating system of Brain Corp, are now operational in 16 European countries and across multiple industries.

New countries are beginning to deploy robotics, including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway and Switzerland. France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands are the countries developing the largest number of autonomous robots.

“We are undoubtedly reaching a pivotal stage where the integration of robotics into human teams is no longer a novelty, but a practical solution aimed at maintaining sustainable operations,” says Michel Spruijt, SVP International Business at Brain Corp. “We are seeing a significant increase in demand in many industry sectors hard hit by labor shortages and increased operational pressure due to the pandemic. Autonomous robotics provides a very effective and welcome solution to these growing problems. »

In 2021, the fleet of autonomous mobile robots powered by BrainOS® reached the important milestone of 500 million covered square feet (or 46.45 million square meters) autonomously in Europe. In total, more than 46,000 hours were redistributed to employees during the year. The most significant growth was recorded in the retail, logistics and warehousing sectors.

About Brain Corp

Brain Corp is the global leader in AI software for robotics, powering the largest fleet of Autonomous Mobile Robots (RMAs) operating in commercial public space. Global OEM partners use BrainOS®, the company’s cloud-based platform, to create scalable, autonomous robots used by end customers to clean floors, move inventory, collect environmental data and enable transformation of manual operations into workflows automated work. Fortune 500 brands across multiple verticals are benefiting from the growing portfolio of robots powered by BrainOS® and our industry-leading tools for privacy, security and efficiency that make it easier to manage and scale automation. Brain Corp currently powers over 20,000 RMAs, which is the largest fleet of its kind in the world.

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