Carla Moreau in XXL neckline, she reveals an imposing chest: the images question, she explains herself

We no longer present Carla Moreau. For six years now, it has been present in the audiovisual sector. And after breaking through as a candidate in The people of Marseilles, a show she left with her husband Kevin Guedj following the witchcraft scandal, the pretty 25-year-old blonde is now starring in her own reality series. Indeed, the couple recently joined the TF1 group to launch a program based on their daily life in Marseille. It is therefore an understatement to say that Carla Moreau has come a long way since her debut on the small screen. She even became mother of a little girl named Ruby (2 years). And precisely, the arrival of his first child has changed everything in his life, to his physique. Carla Moreau no longer has quite the same silhouette as a few years ago without having had to resort to cosmetic surgery, with the exception of liposuction carried out in 2020. But on Wednesday April 27, 2022, the young woman still puzzled.

And for good reason, she revealed herself in story Instagram wearing a pink t-shirt very tight and above all ultra low-cut (see our slideshow). Impossible then not to notice her very imposing chest, more than usual. All day, Carla Moreau filmed herself like this from all angles and quickly, Internet users reacted. “I’ve been following you for a very long time. And I wondered. How did you do to take at chest level?“, he was asked.

And for the main interested party to answer: “You make people laugh. I just got fat and my hormones are playing tricks on me I think“. So no recourse to the scalpel for the famous Marseille! At least, not yet. Carla Moreau could perhaps end up cracking but not for a breast augmentation. “But I have to admit, it’s still weird. Occasionally, I even think of removing myself from the chest because I feel like it’s pissing me off“, she confided.

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