Safari Technology Preview: Apple releases version 148

Apple releases the 148th version of Safari Technology Preview today. This is the experimental version of Safari to allow developers to preview what’s to come in the browser. Availability of Safari Technology Preview 148 For this version, Apple says it has focused on the Web Inspector, :has() pseudo-class, CSS Container Queries, CSS, forms, animations, inert … Read more

HidrateSpark PRO connected drinking bottle in Tritan plastic (700 ml) + additional cap with straw – Green

The HidrateSpark PRO water bottle is made of lightweight, impact and odor resistant Tritan plastic. A built-in LED smart sensor at the bottom lights up to remind you to drink regularly and tracks how much water you’re drinking via the HidrateSpark app that syncs using a Bluetooth connection. This HidrateSpark PRO set includes a classic … Read more

Season 3 of See arrives August 26 on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ today revealed a first look at the third season of the epic, post-apocalyptic global hit series “See,” which will make its worldwide debut on Friday, August 26, 2022. Starring Jason Momoa, the third season of eight episodes will mark the final chapter of the series and will be released episode by episode, at … Read more

discover two new free channels on Pluto TV

The ad-supported video-on-demand platform Pluto TV is launching three new channels accessible from its app. A cult series and a “best-of” content offered on the platform. If the TV offer included in your box does not suit you, you can discover many free channels by installing Pluto TV on your Freebox Pop, mini 4K or … Read more

FCC asks Apple and Google to remove TikTok

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has asked Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their app stores because of its “pattern of surreptitious data practices”, according to an initial report from our colleagues at TechCrunch. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr reportedly wrote to Apple and Google on Tuesday (June 28) to make the request, which comes … Read more