Chinese driverless technology companies on fast track to success through innovation

Chinese companies have entered the fast lane of commercializing driverless technology in wider industrial areas, as several self-driving companies have gained momentum in areas like robot sweepers, robot trucks , robot forklifts and other autonomous applications.


WeRide, the country’s leading self-driving company, announced on April 28 that its robot sweepers, with more than 50 such vehicles in its first batch, will begin open road trials in southern China’s Guangdong province. ), in May. Featuring a cockpit-less design with no steering wheel, accelerator or brake pedals, the robot sweeper was co-developed with automaker Yutong Group and is capable of offering urban environmental services including street sweeping, l watering as well as the spraying of disinfectants in the current context of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Based on its Level 4 autonomous driving technology, the company based in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong, has developed a series of innovative products, including self-driving taxis, buses and vans. It is also one of the first technology companies to hold driverless testing permits in China and the United States.

For some time now, domestic technology companies have been readying self-driving technologies in minibuses, trucks, forklifts and aerial vehicles, which are expected to enjoy huge commercial value in a variety of activities such as logistics. industrial, express delivery, take-out, fresh food orders and pharmaceutical retail.

According to a report by global management consulting firm McKinsey & Co, China will become the world’s largest market for autonomous vehicles, with revenue from sales of these new mobility vehicles and services expected to exceed $500 billion. 2030.


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