Choose Exxite the new urban electric bikes from Rayvolt! A must

Known for the vintage look and design of its urban electric bikes and cargo bikes, and unparalleled originality, the Rayvolt brand is launching a new range: Exxite. A range of bikes with a more minimalist design, with equally high-tech and even more practical features.

A range at the cutting edge of technology

the director with LaX – Exxite – © Exxit

Like their brothers in the Rayvolt range, the bikes in the Exxite range are at the forefront of innovation.

Starting with the motor with integrated controller, improving driving at all levels: more acceleration, more response, more torque, less noise, less vibration, less consumption.

The batteries, whose performance is linked to the number and type of cells used, are optimal and among the most efficient on the world electric bicycle market: they have an unrivaled capacity of 550Wh and 1100Wh, while most of the industry uses 300 to 360Wh.

Exxite is also equipped with an intelligent regenerative braking system to provide the necessary amount of braking depending on the angle of the slope.

The pedal is also equipped with intelligent assistance with several choices of electric assistance depending on the detection of the slope.

All bikes are equipped with Eiva technology: software developed by Rayvolt to control, customize and monitor your bike. An Eiva computer can even be mounted on the handlebars, ready to go when you are. And the app lets you configure all the settings you want for your ride.

Finally, all the bikes in the Exxite range can be recharged at home, by placing them on the Regenfit base, if you want to ride an exercise bike to recharge the batteries!

XS and XXS folding bikes

bike XS_green 26 – © Exxit

Just launched, the new Exxite range wants to hit hard with these two models of XS and XXS folding bikes. Ingenious models, linking high manufacturing technology to practicality. Handy, fast (25kms), with excellent pedal response, these bikes with their always neat look, are ideal for sneaking around town. And go everywhere!

With the handlebars that can be tilted in the bike or motorbike position, everyone’s comfort is guaranteed. Foldable in two steps, it can be easily carried under the arm and remains light in the range of electric bikes (18kgs).

aba_xxs – © Exxite

In three colors: copper, black, green.

The X1: the most tech of the range

Exxite X1 – © Rayvolt

With its very slim and aerodynamic design, the X1 is the most tech of the Exxite range. On the frame, place your phone, download Rayvolt’s EIVA app and configure all your riding settings. No effort required! Cycling has never been so fun! The motor, housed in the rear wheel, provides remarkable propulsion and unequaled comfort. Again: handlebar tilt, excellent pedal response, perfect braking.

Folding Exxite XXS – © Rayvolt Exxite

Ideal for getting around town and walking around the weekend. Especially since its battery provides a range of 50 to 75kms. Equipped with facial recognition, this model provides additional security. And so much the better because it risks making people envious!

In four colours: copper, red, green, frosted.

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